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It's 1979 and you're driving what might be among the last of the V8 Police Interceptors on the Anarchie Road through the deceptively serene countryside of Victoria. Next thing you know, berserk motorcycle gangs come out of the proverbial woodwork with that uncalculated crazy that's reserved only for society's real oddballs. Dead might be the best modern band to set the tone for the wide-screen, gritty car chase genre from Vanishing Point to Max.

And meanwhile in Manila, Christchurch, Adelaide and Dunedin, the southern hemisphere punks agree that Dead are a force. So do the anarchists of Kuala Lumpur. Dead have mined that weirdo Australian aggressive punk vibe and wedded it with noise rock riff repetition. And all from their unhip corner of Melbourne Australia.

The Thundaaaah! LP had got 9 tracks of bass/drum mayhem, with an If-You-Like list about twenty five miles long, populated with bands like godheadSilo, Nomeansno, Big Business errrr and some of that awesome, classic Australian desperation that's come from degenerates like the Cosmic Psychos and Lubricated Goat. It's got that same shitty, aggro rumble of the crustiest of '90s midwestern AmRep noise skuzz, run through the dry-baked heat of the Australian bush.

"Longtime readers of the aQ list will definitely remember an Australian duo called Fire Witch, whose records we went nuts for a while back (as did lots of you if we remember correctly), their sound a sort of psychedelic sludge, thick grooves and pounding rhythms, dueling basses, mathy and melodic, but also crushing and HEAVY AS FUCK. So it should come as no surprise that the drummer from Fire Witch is the man behind the kit in Dead, whose sound is not all that far removed from FW, if anything, it's more stripped down, more metallic, more punky, but still the same sort of bass heavy (there's no guitar here either) churn, but where FW got sort of psychedelic, Dead channel that numbskull AmRep style thud rock sound, the bass so distorted it seems to constantly be crumbling into squalls of low end noise, the drums wildly chaotic, the vocals for the most part howled and yelped, but occasionally slipping into a weirdly melodic croon, the band's sound, falling somewhere between the bass and drum heaviness of godheadSilo, and the grinding metallic hypno-punk pound of the late great Karp, and lots of the super rhythmic bass and drum interplay reminds us of NoMeansNo, but all the songs are gloriously blown out and blasted, slipping easily from super progged out metallic grind to stretched out loping post rock mesmer, those might be our favorite bits, when the band locks into long stretches of looped bass-and-drum hypnorock, like on "Prick Rodeo", which might be our favorite track, it's the sort of droned out dirginess that totally pushes our buttons, and then when the bass slips into a higher register and starts playing soaring sort-of-leads, before slipping back into a sludgey bluesy creep, SO great! And the Melvins-y downtuned sludge creep of "Beasts", total slo-mo bliss! And throughout, there's plenty of other weirdness going on, one song that winds down to a part with just drums and whistling (!), another where the drummer yells out over the cacophony asking the bass player for a power chord, and then another, these guys are obviously having a blast, which is obvious on the punkier jams, but on the pounding churning slowburns, these guys conjure up the sort of sonic malevolence, most metal bands would kill for!"
- aQuarius Records

Includes free download. Limited 2nd pressing. An exceptionally rude yellow die cut sleeve "chucked together" with a 12"X12" screen printed insert (both sides) and a 12"x6" photocopied insert and a hefty piece of black wax. Ripper.

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